Organic Waste Recycling

Organic waste is any waste material that is biodegradable or can spoil. Food waste, market waste and garden waste fall under this category. Organic waste recycling is currently available to all of our commercial clients and rewarded with a discount. Green coloured 240 litre bins are provided for this special exercise. The organic waste is processed into our JV CompSoil organic fertilizer or Fortifer compost.

Some of our cherished clients participating in the organic waste recycling programme include:

  • Peace Palace
  • Regal Chinese Restaurant
  • Lolonyo Tilapia
  • Asanka Locals
  • Little India Sunshine Salad Bar


To be the leading integrated waste management and resource recovery company Improving Ghana’s environment and public health


To deliver operationally efficient, cost effective and affordable services and products, Through application of appropriate technology and innovation, to our cherished clients, By creating wealth through resource recovery And promoting a sustainable environment
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