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JV Compost™ is a purely organic soil fertilizer made from locally composted food waste by Jekora Ventures in Accra, Ghana.

Why you should choose JV CompSoil™

  • It is all natural and not made with any chemicals
  • Its processing formula is based on local scientific research
  • It is cheaper than chemical NPK fertilizer
  • It helps improve the Ghanaian economy
  • It prevents environmental pollution
  • Grows more nutritious food crops when used

How JV CompSoil™ is Made

  • Food waste from hospitality providers is separated at source and delivered to our prime compost facility in Jamestown
  • It is put in composting chambers for where it decomposes
  • It is then dried, then sieved
  • The end product is an all-natural fertilizing soil conditioner that enriches your soil

JV CompSoil™ helps keep the environment green

  • Keeps less waste into landfills
  • Makes waste management cheaper by reducing fuel consumption
  • Reduces green house gases and climate change impact
  • Reduces air pollution through reduction in exhaust emissions.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emission from landfill and climate change impacts.


Our food waste is separated at the source. We make the principle of recycling practical to participating businesses.

Packaging is available in 10kg, 20kg, 30kg and 50kg sacks.

Place an order and experience the freshness of a local organic soil conditioner!