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Do you have questions about your waste management? Answers to our Frequently Asked Questions Here


Do you pick waste everywhere in Accra?

No, we don’t. We have been contracted by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly to cover the Osu-Klottey Sub-metro area and by the Adentan Municipal Assembly to cover Zone 2. This is where we offer our services. Refer to our operational map for more information.

Are waste bins given out for free?

No, they are not. According to the AMA bye-law, the generator of waste is responsible for providing an appropriate receptacle for the storage of that waste. At Jekora Ventures, 240 litre standard bin costs 350 Ghana cedis.

How are the waste collection prices determined?

The rates for waste collection are set by the respective district, municipal or metropolitan assembly (such as the AMA or AdMA) annually. All waste management contractors charge the approved rates which were published in the dailies to inform the general public. You can read them here.

Why must I register with an accredited waste management service provider such as yourself?

Accredited waste management service providers are those that have a franchise agreement with the city authority and as such are monitored and regulated by the Ministry of Local Government and the Environmental Protection Agency through the Waste Management Department of the Assembly. This ensures that your waste is handled according to national standards for optimum public health and environmental sustainability.

Why don’t you always meet your pick-up schedule?

It is our goal to always offer professional service but we are sometimes affected by external factors such as mechanical breakdowns, landfill challenges or harsh weather conditions. In any such case it our policy to meet our pick-up schedule within 72 hours.

Why don’t you enter my house/premises when you collect the waste?

This is our policy for security reasons. We would only enter your compound when your written permission has been submitted to us to do so.

Why do you rotate the jurisdiction of your revenue officers so often?

We do this to ensure that all of our officers are familiar with all of our operational areas. This guarantees that they can replace an indisposed officer at any time.

Why do you issue paper bills?

We issue paper receipts to ensure each client understands their monthly charge and why. We also issue them to ensure clients have our contact information if the need for clarification arises.

Why don’t you issue VAT invoices/receipts?

The fees that we charge are set by the Assembly and hence VAT exclusive.

How can I have my company/organization educated on recycling?

You can request for our personnel to conduct a workshop on recycling by contacting us via phone, email or any of our social media pages.

How can I get someone to explain my bill to me?

You can call the head office for an explanation. You can also call the revenue collector responsible for your sector to explain your bill.

Do you offer bin washing services?

No, we do not. The purchase and upkeep of any waste receptacle is the responsibility of the generator of the waste per AMA bye-law.

Why don’t you pick excess waste spilled on the ground?

We charge for waste pickups per what is contained in the waste receptacle. Any additional scooping would have to be specifically requested and would incur an extra charge.

Why can’t I have my garden waste picked up for free?