Recycling Solutions

Jekora Ventures has set a precident as the first and only Ghanaian waste management company offering recycling services to its clients along with a solid waste source segregation programme. This programme is incentive based and rewards clients for segregating their waste efficiently in recyclable streams by giving discounts on their monthly bills.

Currently this services is available for commercial and industrial clients of the Osu Klottey Sub-Metropolitan area of the Accra Metropolitan Area (AMA) and the Adentan Municipal area (AdMA) in Greater Accra, Ghana. We make the principle of recycling practical to participating businesses. We currently have over 120 commercial clients participating in this programme. Residents may also drop off their recyclables at any of our stations in Asylum down, Odawna or Jamestown.

We work to promote optimum environmental sanitation and public health while promoting a sustainable environment.

Our Recycling Solutions are classified under:


To be the leading integrated waste management and resource recovery company Improving Ghana’s environment and public health


To deliver operationally efficient, cost effective and affordable services and products, Through application of appropriate technology and innovation, to our cherished clients, By creating wealth through resource recovery And promoting a sustainable environment
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