Ing. I. B. Nartey-Tokoli
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Ing. Immanuel B. Nartey-Tokoli (IBN-T) holds an Msc. Degree in Mech. Engineering from the Byelarusian National Technical University (June 1987). He is a corporate member of the Ghana Institution of Engineers (Registered No. 05066).

IBN-T has spent three out of three and a half decades post qualification years in both the public and private waste management sector, implementing local cost-effective business solutions, using appropriate technology.

He has been involved in the establishment and management of private waste management companies and held top management positions with professional experience in: – conducting baseline studies and surveys to determine service delivery options; management of mechanical workshops and stores; transport deployment and personnel administration; operations and maintenance of equipment and stone crusher plants; determining cost build-up elements of operations for costing and budgeting purposes.

Ing. Immanuel B. Nartey Tokoli is currently the Managing Director of Jekora Ventures Ltd, the most innovating waste management company in Ghana, spearheading integrated waste management with source segregation of solid waste as a “sine qua non” to build resilience into waste valorisation for economic circularity through resource recovery, recycling (paper, plastics, etc.) and composting to positively impact environmental sanitation, ecological balance, public health and climate change for sustainable development.

Ing. Immanuel B. Nartey Tokoli also provides technical support services in Waste Management to the Environmental Service Providers Association (ESPA) of Ghana.