JVL Supports NCCE Citizenship Week Celebration With 200 Customized Shirts
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JVL Supports NCCE Citizenship Week Celebration With 200 Customized Shirts

“The most obvious challenge in the country is improper waste management. Accra is full of filth. Some efforts are being made but they are not enough. We need to tackle the issue at the grassroot level- the value system- thus a paradigm mindset shift and the youth are key stakeholders in achieving this”

Martha Adjoa Annan, the Innovations Manager made these remarks when Jekora Ventures Limited presented 200 customized T-shirts to NCCE as support to their Citizenship Week Celebration in basic schools.  These shirts will be given out to some selected youth in the schools as sanitation ambassadors. This year’s celebration is under the broad theme “Ghana, One People: Our Values, Our Sovereignty in Participatory Democracy” and the sub theme, “A Clean Ghana, Our responsibility”.

She made reference to remarks by Ms. Josephine Nkrumah, Chairperson of NCCE to Daily Graphic -“issues on the environment was high on the agenda of the commission because of the adverse effects of plastic waste and filth on the environment”- as timely as the NCCE needs to intensify its nationwide education on sanitation issues.  

This year, the NCCE and its volunteers will move across the length and breadth of the country to visit 10,000 selected schools with sanitation issues being high on agenda of the commission. Martha Adjoa Annan, was invited as a resource person to mentor students of Sunny International School on proper sanitation practices. She taught the students how to separate their waste as source of generation and also how to reduce the volume of their plastic waste.