Can a Waste Audit Help Your Business?
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Can a Waste Audit Help Your Business?

By: Martha A. Annan, Innovations Manager. Email:

Present-day trends are mindful of ways of sustainable waste management through segregation, reuse and/or recycling of waste. One critical step in achieving this is through a “waste audit”. A “waste audit” is simply an assessment tool that is used to determine the characteristics and corresponding amounts of waste generated by an entity.

Wondering how an audit can help your business? Consider the following;

Do your staff/colleagues discard items after first use? Are documents printed on both sides to save paper? A “waste audit” will give an overview and a better understanding of the type and rate of waste generated in your company. It will further give a better comprehension of the composition of the waste and the kind of recyclables in your waste stream which could save you money and time. In Accra, analysis of waste data obtained from surveys conducted by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) shows that solid waste composition is generally 58% biodegradable (organic), 17.7% recyclable plastic and 6.6% recyclable paper. Your company waste may however differ.

Take a quick look into your office bin! Do you know how much money your company is potentially losing by not separating your waste into the various recyclable forms (paper, plastic, organic, e-waste etc.)? The significant part of performing a “waste audit” is that it can help your company save money, time and contribute to sustainable development. With Jekora Ventures Limited (JVL), under the Waste Segregation and Recycling Programme, your company can save up to 75% of your monthly waste bills. Yes! These savings can be channeled into other endeavors for your company. In addition, you get a free waste audit, training and re-training for different levels of management from us if need be.

Waste Segregation Training in Basic Schools, Osu Klottey Sub Metro

Furthermore, a “waste audit” followed with segregation and recycling will boost your company’s image as law-abiding (mandatory for all companies to be signed unto an accredited waste service provider by AMA), environmentally friendly, meets ISO Standards and helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). This could boost consumers’ confidence in your company.

Ready to Start?

JVL is the AMA accredited waste service provider within the Osu Klottey sub-metro, Zone 2 of the Adentan Municipal Assembly and in La-Dadekotopon Municipal Assembly under Public-Private Partnerships.

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