Special Waste Solutions


In the event that that a client generates more waste than usual a special collection may need to take place. This can occur when a client:

  • Needs an additional unscheduled pick-up
  • Renovates their premises
  • Conducts a clean-up exercise
  • Moves from a building
  • Has a on-going construction project

We provide special collection services to residential clients, commercial clients, construction sites and gardens within our designated zones. Contractors and builders rely on Jekora Ventures to help them achieve their financial and sustainability goals through every phase of construction. Our experts will assess your waste streams and develop the right recycling and disposal solution for you.





To be the leading integrated waste management and resource recovery company Improving Ghana’s environment and public health


To deliver operationally efficient, cost effective and affordable services and products, Through application of appropriate technology and innovation, to our cherished clients, By creating wealth through resource recovery And promoting a sustainable environment
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