Coconut Waste Recycling

Through our on-going collaboration with the assemblymen of the Accra Metropolitan we have recognized the need for a special dispensation in eliminating waste indiscriminately tossed by coconut sellers. The accumulation of such waste has contributed to flooding and other public nuisances like burning and air pollution. We have therefore crafted a special coconut waste recycling programme teaching coconut sellers to segregate their coconut waste disposing of them at central collection points for discounted prices.

The paper waste is processed by our partner, Eco Fibres, to create an agricultural growth medium for seedlings. Find out more here.


To be the leading integrated waste management and resource recovery company Improving Ghana’s environment and public health


To deliver operationally efficient, cost effective and affordable services and products, Through application of appropriate technology and innovation, to our cherished clients, By creating wealth through resource recovery And promoting a sustainable environment
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