Osu: Map & Schedule

Osu Klottey is a sub-metro area within the Accra Metropolitan Assembly.

Please take a look at our sector map and pick-up schedule to know when you will be serviced. Any challenges? Visit our Help Center.

Pick-up Schedule

Day Zone Coverage
Monday 2D & 2E Asylum Down
Monday 3A Adabraka
Monday 4C & 4D & 4E Osu- Kuku Hill
Monday 6A Osu- Alata
Monday 8C & 8D Tudu
Monday 9A & 9B Odawna Official Town
Tuesday 1A & 1B Odawna
Tuesday 2C & 2D Asylum Down
Tuesday 2F Asylum Down
Tuesday 3B Adabraka
Tuesday 7B Osu- Amantra
Tuesday 8B & 8D Tudu
Wednesday 2D Asylum Down
Wednesday 4A & 4B Ringway Estate
Wednesday 5E Lagoon
Wednesday 6A Mandela Park
Wednesday 8A West Ridge
Thursday 2A & 2B North Ridge
Thursday 3A Adabraka (twice weekly clients)
Thursday 4C & 4D & 4E Osu Kuku Hill (twice weekly clients)
Thursday 5A Osu – Doku
Friday 2C & 2D & 2F Asylum Down (twice weekly clients)
Friday 5B & 5C & 5D Osu-Doku
Friday 4A & 4B Ringway Estates (twice weekly clients)
Friday 6A Mandela Park (twice weekly clients)
Friday 7A Ministerial Enclave
Friday 8A West Ridge (twice weekly clients)
Saturday 2A North Ridge (twice weekly clients)
Sunday Special Collections

Sector Map

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To be the leading integrated waste management and resource recovery company Improving Ghana’s environment and public health


To deliver operationally efficient, cost effective and affordable services and products, Through application of appropriate technology and innovation, to our cherished clients, By creating wealth through resource recovery And promoting a sustainable environment
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