Jekora Ventures Limited | iHAV Foundation Visit Jekora Ventures Ga-Mashie Compost Plant
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iHAV Foundation Visit Jekora Ventures Ga-Mashie Compost Plant

Forty-five young entrepreneurs from nine African countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Kenya, Cameroon, Gambia and Benin) visited the Jekora Ventures Mini Compost Plant at Jamestown (Ga-Mashie) on the 1st of August as part of the iHAV Conference ’14 which was under the auspices of the “I Have A Vision (iHAV) Foundation”. This is a non-governmental organisation based in Ghana is a group of young African visionaries who saw the need to create a forum where the youth would come together to share ideas on addressing the challenges in our societies, not just by thought or word of mouth, but through sustainable actions as well.

This year activities are geared towards empowering the youth to address the issue of sustainability in agriculture. The Jekora Ventures Innovations Manager, Akua Nkrumah, gave the visitors a tour and explained the composting process to them. They were very impressed and some pledged to start composting in their respective countries upon returning. View our photos of the visit here.